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Nordic Red Kotatsu Set

Nordic Red Kotatsu Set

📦 Package Includes: 

  • Futon Blanket
  • Floor Mat
  • Low Table
  • Heater
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About The Kotatsu 

The Kotatsu is a Japanese comforting object, a lifesaver that keeps you warm in the winter seasons and the focal point of the home in cold weather. Like a campfire that draws people (and cats) around, it is a source of warmth and joy that brings people together in Japanese homes.

Whether your living space is limited, or you simply appreciate minimalist concepts, the Kotatsu Japanese heating table is just what you need. This multi-functional item is the perfect marriage between work and comfort.

Kotatsu Features

Make your home time more enjoyable

A table that can be used all year round for family gatherings or for relaxing alone. The table can be used in all seasons, and is large enough for leisure time, studying, or working on the computer. Make it the center of your interior where you can spend all your time.

Compact and easy to use

The table is well sized enough to fit easily in any room, and is perfect for families with two people or small children.

Spacious Kotatsu for one person

With enough space, you can have a meal or study with a computer.

Safety device to prevent overheating

This Kotatsu is equipped with a two-stage temperature control system to prevent overheating.

Strong and beautiful UV coating

The entire table is UV coated for a stronger and more beautiful finish.

Excellent resistance to scratches

The coating is hard and dense, making it scratch resistant, stain resistant, antibacterial, and heat resistant.

Anti-slip for peace of mind

The smooth but anti-slip surface prevents cups and other objects from slipping even when placed on the top board.

Futon made in flannel fabric type with high heat retention:

Flannel fabric has a smooth feel. Its high heat retention properties keep you warm even in cold weather. This Kotatsu Futon envelops you in the ultimate in softness.

Plenty of volume

Using a high-density 360 g/m2 fabric, this futon has plenty of density for a gentle touch.

Antibacterial and deodorant finish

Antibacterial and deodorant treatment is applied to keep the product clean and odor-free.

Machine washable

Can be washed at home to maintain its cleanliness and volume.

  • Futon Blanket & Comforter

    - Material: 100% Cotton

    - Size: 102x80" | 259x203 cm

  • Low Table

    - Material: Oakwood

    - Size: 47x30x40" | 119x76x101 cm

  • Kotatsu Heater

    - Size: 9x11x2" | 23x28x5 cm

    - Power: 300W

Full Kotatsu Set

Kotatsu Low Table

Kotatsu Heater

  • Kotatsu Heating Switch